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We move our bodies to show ourselves love, to get stronger, to improve our performance, to boost our endorphins, to set an example for future generations. Here we lift heavy things as well as each other.

- Cristi "Skella" Johnson

What does skellaFit have to offer?

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At SkellaFiT every session is a fully coached experience.


We have trainers who will guide you to the best performance possible. You will also benefit from the support of the SkellaFiT community who believe in you just as much as your coaches do.


You will leave each session feeling well educated, supported and in touch with your inner badass. 

Semi-Private Training includes Strength Training, Boxing and Pilates

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SkellaFiT is also home to Spider Monkey Grappling, who provides our members with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm with instruction in both Gi and No Gi training, depending on your interest level. All SkellaFit Members receive a special discount on these courses.

We also have a partnership with Zen 24 Hour Fitness for drop in workouts that fit in anytime you need them. All SkellaFiT Members receive a special discount on monthly dues at Zen!


We also host our hybrid coaching program STRONG AF in conjunction with Zen. 

Molly Signs-Schindler

Being a part of the SkellaFit community has been an awesome experience! I feel stronger, physically and emotionally. Cristi has done an amazing job creating a safe and welcoming space that makes working out so much fun and just so do-able. I never feel like going to the gym is a chore and I've never been as motivated to dedicate real time to taking care of my physical health. It's just been really great!
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