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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have drop-in classes or Punch Cards?

In short, no. At SkellaFiT all of our programs are offered as Personal Training packages. We feel consistency is the best way to feel stronger and become healthier. To encourage your consistency, we ask you to commit to coming in multiple times a week. You get to choose the modalities that fit you best, under the guidance of your coach.

Because our classes are in high demand, trainings are prescheduled which does not leave much room for drop-ins.

How does Semi-Private Training work?

We will provide a fully coached experience, with a maximum of 4-8 people in each session to ensure you get the proper attention, instruction and encouragement that you deserve. Just sign up for the plan that suits how often you’d like to come in and schedule your trainings on our app!

Do you teach “real Boxing” or Cardio Boxing?

Our Boxing training is not the kind of aerobic class you will get at big box gyms. We pride ourselves on teaching boxing for realistic boxing scenarios. As we see it, there are great cardio benefits to boxing, but that is not the only important piece. Speed, agility, power, strength and accuracy drills & sparring will provide a full body workout that will make you feel ready to take on the world, one ring at a time. 

What kind of Yoga do you offer? 

Our yoga class “Nourish” is primarily a Restorative Yoga practice including Breathwork, Mobility, Somatic Movement, Yin-Style Yoga with props, gentle flows, light assisted stretching, Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath, provided by Lady of the Lake Yoga. It has been developed exclusively for the members of SkellaFiT. 


What if I only want to take the Jiu Jitsu class?

If you are interested in joining our Jiu Jitsu program only, you will be put in contact with Spider Monkey Grappling. They offer monthly memberships to non-SkellaFiT Members, and $10 drop ins to SkellaFiT Members Only.

How much does it cost to join?

That depends on how often you’d like to come in and if you’d like to do Semi-Private or 1:1 Training. You can find out more about our pricing HERE.

Am I too old to join?

NO WAY! It breaks my heart when I hear this question. Our oldest member (currently) is 92 years old! We make it a point to meet you where you are and to identify how we can help you the most. If you have a desire to learn, a good attitude and willingness to check your ego at the door, chances are we can help you get to feeling like your strongest, most badass self.

Do you have training for kids?

Due to limited class sizes and high demand, we only train adults 18+ older at this time.

If I start lifting weights will I get bulky?

Only if you are super intentional about getting bulky. You may see some body composition changes when you start working out consistently, but the chance you will get bulky without trying is pretty slim.

Is SkellaFiT anti-weight loss?

Absolutely not. We would never deny anyone the opportunity to feel the best they can in their own body, and weight loss can be part of that, however we only want to encourage doing it in a healthy way.

Often weight loss can be a side effect of adding more movement to your life and supporting your workouts with good nutrition. Please note, we don’t believe in “good” or “bad” foods or demonizing certain food types.

We are not anti-weight loss, we are anti-predatory practices we see in diet culture and the damaging effects it has on the mental health of our community.

If I join the LIFT Program do I have to compete in Powerlifting events?

At SkellaFiT you don't have to do ANYTHING you're not comfortable with. Although we thing competing is a lot of fun, there are many benefits to Powerlifting that have nothing to do with competing. And just because you are Powerlifting doesn't mean you have to lift as heavy as possible all the time. In fact, we discourage lifting super heavy all the time.

Are you at 24 Hour Gym?

We are not, but we do have a partnership with Zen 24 Hour Fitness, located on US 23 South, across the street from Kipfmiller's.

What Classes do you offer?

You can see a copy of our schedule HERE

Do you need to be a member to participate in SkellaFiT Adventures?

Yes, although occasionally we will host events for the community, unless otherwise specified, most SkellaFiT Events are put together specifically for SkellaFiT Members only.

Still have questions? Book a call today and we'll put your mind at ease.

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