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Shame Free Personal Training

1:1 Training at the skellaFiT Studio



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If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer who’s going to get in your face and call you names “to get the most out of you” you’re going to want to look elsewhere. Personal Training shouldn’t feel like bullying, and we're not going to give you side eye for eating a cookie, cake, or drinking a beer responsibly. In fact, we encourage occasional indulgences, because nothing tastes better than freedom and the knowledge of how balanced nutrition can be your BFF.


Now, if having a Personal Trainer who will yell with joy and maybe do a little dance when you accomplish a goal doesn’t make you cringe, we just might be a good fit. I celebrate wins, and I am not quiet about it. It’s literally my job to help you win, and we celebrate wins of all sizes.


One on One Personal Training sessions are where we hone in on specific goals, in a private environment. Because no two bodies are the same, we will come up with a strategy that will work best to improve your movement patterns, and help you hit your goals. Many women come to us simply to improve their relationship with fitness, and we think that in itself is a beautiful goal.


But what happens when we’re not together? I’ve got you covered. In addition to our weekly 1:1 I will program the rest of your weekly workouts on the skellaFiT app to fit best with your schedule. The app is loaded with tutorial videos, and is a big help with accountability. There is also flexibility on the app for you to plug in your own workouts, or move elements around your week to make it work best for you. If you miss a workout, you just pick up where you left off and keep going. THAT is the plan. To make fitness work for you, not to make you work to fit in a perfect fitness box. The last thing I want is for your workouts to become part of a dreaded To Do List. Fitness is fun and we aim to keep it that way.


In addition to the 1:1 workouts and the app workouts, you will also be invited to join our skellaFiT Family Facebook page where we host monthly challenges, contests and celebrate each other’s successes. This hivemind of strong, empowering women also get together for Accountability Group Meetings where we help problem solve and set each other up for success in the month ahead.


Those in the In-Person Personal Training Group also get first dibs at all skelladventures where we get active in the real world and try new things like horseback riding, scuba diving, aerial yoga and more. You will also receive an invite to our skellaFiT Fall Retreat at the end of the year, which is exclusive to our Personal Training members.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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