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SkellaFiT Philosophy

Here at SkellaFiT we don't try to shrink you. In fact, we encourage you to take up space. We believe you should feel empowered, not restricted.

We invite you to try new things and impress the hell out of yourself. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to athletes and everyone in between. Our expectation is that you will be as supportive and encouraging to others in the training space as you would want to be treated. We're all about respect at SkellaFiT. Respecting ourselves, as well as each other.

If you're ready to stop chasing a number on the scale and willing to start moving in an empowering way, give us a shout. We'd love to have you as part of our training family.

"Here we lift heavy things, and also each other."

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Empowering our members to recognize the strength within themselves; giving them the tools to move, feel and live their very best lives. We are a badass community of supportive individuals who encourage beginners, athletes and everyone in between.


Providing a fully coached training environment that offers a compelling blend of activities that  energize, educate and encourage growth. Semi Private Training will build community, confidence and competency in the gym for all of our members


Health & safety first. Always empower. Be inclusive. Support & educate. Celebrate curiosity & kindness. Take fitness seriously, but never ourselves.

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